Trade School LA presents a Manifestation Workshop

HM157 will be host to several Trade School LA classes in May! To attend this class, just register through the Trade School website prior to May 7. **please note that you must pre-register through the website to attend!**

What is Trade School? 

Trade School Los Angeles is a community-run organization which offers classes to the public through the use of barter instead of money. Instead of getting paid federal dollars, our teachers ask students to fulfill 1 barter request in exchange for attendance to their class. The teachers make their own barter lists, and students can choose which request they want to fulfill when they sign up for a class. Trade School LA hopes to build community, and share the value of practical wisdom and mutual aid. We believe that everyone has something to offer. We will offer 28 classes throughout May, happening in a variety of locations. We'll then spend the summer re-programming a new schedule, and offer our next semester of classes in September 2014. Trade School Los Angeles was founded by HM157 board member Leanne Pedante. TSLA operates through the unpaid and loving efforts of self-organized, hard-working folks who believe it can bring good things to Los Angeles. 

Manifestation Workshop

Art workshop with a focus on self-improvement and goal realization. Theme: Manifesting: * the act, process, or instance of manifesting a perceptible outward or visible expression: materialization, a demonstration of power and purpose, making things happen, actualizing goals. In this workshop we will make manifestation boxes by sealing our intentions through words, collage, drawing and symbolic personal objects- within a box. The box is then closed for a chosen period of time, to reopened later in private. In this way we let the unconscious work for us by putting our dreams into words and symbols that we can then later assess. I have found this process to be very helpful in overcoming blocks, and I am always inevitably surprised by my accomplishments when I reopen the box! Artists, non-artists, all ages welcome. 

Supplies You'll Need to Bring to Class:

  • A box,
  • collage materials,
  • glue, scissors,
  • tape,
  • ribbon,
  • personal symbolic items.

Bring one of the following as your barter admission to class:
Design help for flyers
Design help for website
Exchange for body/energy work
New learning (Spanish/Italian/Video Editing/Reiki or other healing modalities
Snacks to share with class
Surprise me

About the teacher, Malado Francine Baldwin

Malado Baldwin is a multi-media fine artist and an intuitive energy guide. “One of my favorite things in life is to encourage others to find and express joy through art-making” information is also available at:

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May 19, 2014 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm

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