The Great Cube Rebellion!

A good olde fashioned Sunday evening social, fund raiser and community rally featuring these amazing speakers:
CAROL CETRONE: Eastside creative powerhouse, community leader.
DOMENIC PRIORE: Author/Historian/Preservationist
RICHARD SCHAVE: Preservationist, Co-founder of LAVA (Los Angeles Visionaries Association) and Esotouric Tour Co.
Gutiérrez has long been a writer and live performer. She is a film actor, curator, publisher (Econo Textual Objects, established 2014), playwright, arts administrator, and community organizer.
Live music by THE SEX STAINS!

DJ David Orlando of Punky Reagge & Part Time Punks

$10 minimum door admission.
Kids under 18 FREE!!!
We are doggy friendly too!


I am organizing a benefit to raise money to hire local historian and preservation activist Charlie Fisher for his work in the research, preparation and advocacy for Los Angeles City Monument status of the 109 year old Morton Ave./Grace E. Simons property a Victorian, Vernacular Cottage in architecture speak.

This charming duplex has been bought by a developer and they plan on razing the house, sub dividing the property and cramming three hideous single family luxury condos on the lot with no regard to the historical character of this Echo Park neighborhood nor the community who inhabits it. I went to the hearing to express my distaste and protest the development and found out through the City Planner in her pre-amble that they are looking into a connection with activist Grace E. Simons and this property before they green light the demo. I was thrilled to have gained that very important tid-bit so I met with super hero historian Charlie Fisher to asess the situation and see what I can do. During that meeting, the occupant of the home came out with his baby. I asked him if he was aware of what was happening with the property and if he could share any info. with us. Beleaguered, he simply said that they rent month-to-month and they have no idea when they will have to move, where they are going to go or what they were going to do...Not offering a proper lease is a very common practice now when renting to new tenants. A month-to-month tenant has no recourse and can be booted out at any time through no fault of their own at the whim of a landlord.

As a side note, in the hearing, the developers had the nerve to say that the house is "trashed" and deemed a tear down. I wanted to scream at that moment as the night before, I had found out from a very reliable source that the home was renovated in 2005 and one can see that fact just by looking at the home from the curb.

FYI, Grace E. Simons (Founder of Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park) was a journalist and neighborhood activist who fought greedy developers (and won!) from digging their meat hooks into Elysian Park. THE IRONY!!! Please read all about this badass activist and how she even challenged Malcolm X regarding his attitude towards women's rights in the Biographical Note below event details.

Just look around! Our neighborhoods, our communities are rapidly being torn asunder and we cannot stand idly by and do nothing about it. THIS is surgical gentrification, Kapitalismus Uber Alles! These greedy, Neo-Colonialist developers are forcing us out whether we want it or not the likes of which I have never ever seen before in Los Angeles. The unique character, diverse architecture, green spaces with lush old growth and olde tymie vibe that we adore and make our LA neighborhoods special is being forever destroyed and replaced with these sterile, soulless corporate drone cubes and at an absurd price! If this isn't class warfare I don't know what is, as folks who rent are in the most vulnerable position. We must protect the homes, small businesses and artistic enclaves that we as a community have worked so hard for; we cannot become another San Francisco, not with out a fight!

It will take place at HM157 (what better place to throw an historic preservation benefit than at an Historical Monument, right?)
This will be a lively family affair with food and drink, light, chill and easy.

Even if we end up losing this particular property, my goal is to send a strong message that we as citizens are not passive nor are we apathetic. We will not be ignored, we will be reckoned with.


CAROL CETRONE: All around Eastside creative powerhouse, artist and community leader.

After many years of traditional dance training, Carol left the dance world to study photography and filmmaking. This provided new inspiration as she began producing her unique and eloquent brand
of movement-based performance art. She found common ground and new friends in the burgeoning underground art scene in Silver Lake, where there was a new awareness of art as fusion - a blending of punk and poetry, dance and film, image and noise, often served with a healthy dose of political or social comment. Inside this fertile environment she gained the reputation of an innovator in dance theatre as her work took on a bigger-than-dance appeal. It was not uncommon to see Perpetua on the bill or collaborating with local luminaries such as John Fleck, Tomata du Plenty, Marnie Weber, Johanna Went, The Fabulous Monsters, Osseus Labyrint, Liz Young and Ron Athey, to name a few. "High art in low dives" was one journalistic observation as dance found it's way into venues like Al's Bar, the Anti-Club, and various roaming Theoretical parties that heralded the beginning of the rave scene and featured unknown bands like the Chili Peppers, Perry Farrell's Psi Com, and Beck.
Her performances have been featured at local venues such as MOCA, LACE, Otis Parsons, Highways, Track 16 at Bergamot Station, the Temporary Contemporary Museum, and site specific work on board the Los Angeles MetroRail, inside a vintage dining car and giving birth to 18 fellow performers atop a hillside of concrete pylons during the Spring Equinox. She composes or collaborates on many of her own soundtracks, receiving a grant from Meet the Composer, California. Her short dance films have been showcased by the LA Film Forum and the Silver Lake Film Festival. .

DOMENIC PRIORE: Author/Historian/Preservationist:

Domenic Priore is regarded as an expert on The Beach Boys' Smile album, having written two books on the subject, Look! Listen! Smile! Vibrate! and Smile: The Story of Brian Wilson's Lost Masterpiece. In 2011, he contributed to the liner notes of The Smile Sessions compilation. He has also published a number of books and articles on the greater Los Angeles area's youth culture during the 1960s, with special focus on the surf craze and the Sunset Strip music scene.
Priore worked as the primary writer and creative consultant on the AMC documentaries Hollywood Rocks the Movies: The Early Years (1955–1970) and Hollywood Rocks the Movies: The 1970s.

RICHARD SCHAVE: Preservationist, Co-founder of LAVA (Los Angeles Visionaries Association) and Esotouric Tour Co.

After his undergraduate studies in art history at UC Santa Cruz, Richard Schave set out to explore the American interior as an itinerent brick mason. His return to his native Los Angeles coincided with a renewed acquaintance with Kim Cooper, a once-detested academic colleague who would become his bride. Together, fusing scholarly research with new digital tools, they launched the 1947 project time travel blog, along with In SRO Land, and On Bunker Hill, as well as the Esotouric tour company. With the success of Kim’s True Crime tours, Richard developed a series of Literary and California Culture excursions. Off the bus, Richard is a dedicated preservationist, and the host of the LAVA Sunday Salon and the LAVA Literary Salon series, named Best L.A. Literary Salon by Los Angeles Magazine.
He also curates an ongoing series of forensic science programs at Cal State Los Angeles. To stay informed about Richard’s off-the-bus programs, including his much-beloved, Broadway On My Mind walking tour series, subscribe to the LAVA newsletter.


Gutiérrez has long been a writer and live performer. She is a film actor, curator, publisher (Econo Textual Objects, established 2014), playwright, arts administrator, and community organizer. She writes about art, culture, music, film, performance and community building and creates original solo and ensemble performance compositions.
Running In Place: poems about INSTITUTIONALITY is Raquel's third chapbook released in March 2015, following #WhiteBoo and Breaking Up With Los Angeles (Econo Textual Objects, 2014). She's performed her poetry, prose and essay works locally, nationally and internationally as a solo artist (including the mountainsides of Arcatao, Chalatenango, El Salvador, Visual AIDS, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, El Museo del Chopo (Mexico City), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, MOCA (Los Angeles), Beyond Baroque and a bunch of colleges, but only one youth authority center). Gutiérrez earned her MA in Performance Studies from New York University in 2004. Raquel's work has been featured in The 2nd Los Angeles SUR:biennial, Self Help Graphics Annual Print Fair & Exhibition, Perform Chinatown 2011, GUTTED (2010), LA Vs. WAR II - Art for Peace in the Hope Era, A co-founding member of the now retired performance ensemble, Butchlalis de Panochtitlan (BdP), a community-based and activist-minded group aimed at creating a visual vernacular around queer Latinidad in Los Angeles. Her work has been published in Los Angeles Weekly, Artbound, The Portland Review, GLQ, Raspa Magazine, RECAPS, Make/Shift, SUR Biennial 2013, and Ambientes: New Queer Latino Writing (edited by Lázaro Lima and Felice Picano). She has poems in Huizache (Fall 2014). She has written catalog essays for visual artists Hector Silva, Shizu Saldamando, Wu Tsang and upcoming Rafa Esparza for Made In L.A. 2016.


Sex Stains, formed in early 2014, is a Los Angeles quintet comprised of stalwart members of the punk and indie underground. Lead vocalist Allison Wolfe was part of first generation riot grrrl bands Bratmobile and Cold Cold Hearts, both on the underground label Kill Rock Stars. Lead vocalist Mecca Vazie Andrews is a well- known choreographer and the artistic director of “The MOVEMENT movement” and has worked with artists such as Daft Punk, Toro y Moi, Marina Abramović, and Liz Glynn. On drums is David Orlando, who drummed in Warpaint and is a resident DJ for L.A. clubs Dub Club and Punky Reggae Party. Guitarist Sharif Dumani played with Atlanta soul man Cody Chesnutt and his Headphone Masterpiece band. Puerto Rico transplant Pachy Garcia (Prettiest Eyes) rounds out the sound on bass guitar. Pulling from late 70’s and early 80’s post-punk, Sex Stains’ music alters between thought-provoking punk, infectious dance rhythms, angular guitar sounds and cacophony. Sex Stains play regularly throughout California, having graced Burger-a-Go-Go, Echo Park Rising and Deserted at the Palms festivals, as well as sharing bills with the lovely likes of the Pop Group, ESG, the Julie Ruin, Shannon & the Clams, the Coathangers, Chain & the Gang, and Alice Bag. Sex Stains supported Cherry Glazerr on a West Coast tour in June of 2016. The band recorded its debut album with Mark Rains at Station House Studio for a September 2016 release on Don Giovanni Records.

Instagram: thesexstains
Twitter: @sexstainsmusic

This collection chronicles the life of Grace E. Simons almost as much as it does the Committee, which she established--at least the last twenty years of her life. Without Simons' vision and foresight, Elysian Park might look very different today--much less "park-like."
Grace E. Simons was a journalist who worked for a French news agency in China where she met her husband, Frank Glass, who was an organizer for the Communist Party. They came to Los Angeles in 1939 where Grace worked as a reporter and editor for the California Eagle, an African-American newspaper that finally folded in the early 1960s. During an interview for the Eagle, Simons met Malcolm X who was impressed by Simons' sharp questioning of him concerning his attitude towards women's rights.
It was in the mid-1960s that Simons first became involved in protecting the historic park when the city threatened to take 63 acres for what has become the Convention Center on Figueroa Street. Seeing what had happened with Dodger Stadium, Simons and a few neighbors banded together to become the Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park (CCSEP). Serving as President of the Committee for many years, Simons led the fight in a series of battles that it won against proposals for an airport, oil drilling by Occidental Petroleum, an Asian Cultural Center, a child care facility, a restaurant and parking lot on Radio Hill, and several condominium projects.
The committee experienced its share of losses, among them a move to expand the Los Angeles Police Academy.
In 1979 the Sol Feinstein Environmental Award was conferred upon Simons--one of only five persons to receive the award nationally.
Grace Simons passed away in 1985 at Barlow Hospital, right next to Elysian Park. Her husband, Frank Glass, passed away in 1987. A memorial sculpture to Simons and Glass designed by ceramicist and sculptor Peter Shire was dedicated in 1994 and is located at Angel's Point in Elysian Park.

July 24, 2016 at 4pm - 9pm
3110 N Broadway
Lincoln Heights, CA 90031
United States
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