Community creative space HM157 is now a private membership association****

Join the HM157 private membership association !

Community creative space HM157, has become a private membership association in order to re-define what we wish to promote & inspire in our immediate & global community. All who feel as we do, are welcome to freely join our association. We are dedicated to the propagation of positive possibilities .

Firstly, we believe in the medicinal power of self expression & the benefits of being exposed to the arts. We think that LIFE IS ART... we all have to power to transform our neighborhoods into heavenly havens & initiate a renaissance if we tap into our innate creativity & connect with our community.

We believe in building & sharing skills, especially in the areas of health consciousness, permaculture & sustainability, knowledge is power... Everyone should have the ability to take good care of themselves, build soil & grow food for their families, even if they live in a cramped apartment with limited space. Parking lots make great community victory gardens ! Over the years we have offered many types of classes, workshops & free yoga. We are always looking for teachers interested in educating at our facility.

HM157 as a mildly run down Victorian landmark located smack dab on a busy commercial street, punctuated by numerous 99 cent stores & fast food restaurants... has become a trendsetter ! Over the past five years, we have reincarnated our abandoned realty office into a magical creative environment only limited by our imaginations & pocket books ( ha ha ). 

The old real estate office parking lot has become an outdoor living room with a large community stage set against a restaurant wall ( closed since the 80's ) that we use to project films. The front yard, an enchanting park full of fruit trees & a fountain... The house features an indoor stage, projection screen, community parlor, library, art studio & private residential housing for artists upstairs.

HM157 supports the support system by allowing other community groups to utilize our amenities & promotion skills to achieve their goals. We have worked with the Lincoln Heights neighborhood council to produce holiday community outreach projects such as an over the top haunted house attraction that served over 1,500 children for free.





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