The EMTT Group is continuing their after summer school music & theater classes @ HM157***


The EMTT Group is excited to announce our summer program! We will be working on the basics, and fundamentals in every aspect in Singing, Acting, Dancing, and Stage Technology. The entire program will allow all of our students to start with the basics and move into intermediate courses. In the course of June 16 through July 25 we will be able to teach our students to properly run shows on their own with some parental supervision within the EMTT Group. At the end of the program, we are going to put on a summer Cabaret. which will showcase different musical numbers with acting scenes, and dance breaks to show the students achievements accomplished within the summer. The entirety of the show will be ran by the students and staff apart of the program. We open the creative minds of our students to allow them to use their imagination to entertain others.  

Singing - we will be going into depth of Vocal Technique which shows students the fundamental basics of how to properly use their voice when singing. 
Acting - will be teaching our students different techniques of being on a stage and how to properly portray multiple characters with multiple personalities.
Dancing - we will be offering basic dance styles in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, and Musical Theatre. 
Stage Technology -  is broken up into two sections, Lighting and Sound. In Lighting, we show the students how to properly use the lighting equipment that is provided by each venue. In sound, we will teach our students how to properly set up sound equipment, and how to adjust levels of sound depending on their acoustic surroundings.
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Take Classes Through Barter with Trade School LA & HM157

This May, HM157 will be hosting some classes through community organization, Trade School LA. If you are interested in taking classes, or teaching classes, you should reach out to TSLA! 

Trade School is a non-traditional, open-to-everyone "school" which runs on barter instead of money. There are Trade Schools happening in over 50 cities throughout the world, but this will be LA's first. The motto is "Barter for Knowledge" and it will be a place for people to learn, a place for people to share their knowledge & skills, and a place to enrich peoples' sense of community and social exchange in LA. 

A full month of classes will run this May. Classes are typically 1.5 hours and will be held at a variety of locations throughout LA, including HM157! Class subject matter will cover a huge range of topics, from cooking to design, from fitness to music improv. Confused about how bartering for classes works? Check out this diagram to that shows classes and exchanges that have happened in other Trade Schools throughout the world.

We're very excited to host. For more information, you can go to the Trade School LA website at

You can also find them on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or through Email at [email protected] 

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Lets spend some quality time together before HM157 goes on event hosting hiatus***


Good day all****

HM157 had such a splediferous summer with you ! 

As the air begins to cool... so does our feverish pace.. Thanksgiving is just around the corner... & we have much to be thankful for !

HM157 has joined the DIT ( Do It Together ) Community Creative Space Coalition, our collective aim is to legalize DIY spaces that share our passion for affording accessible artistic expression & skill sharing opportunities to folks of all ages... 

Check out our sister space the LA Fort & the DIT

+ We are working with the wonderful Grassroots lawyers to become a non-profit & get legit... in order to make it happen, we have to switch gears into fundraising mode & take an event hosting hiatus.

That being said, please join us for our last few events of 2013... 



Variety Show Smörgåsbord!!!




Drala, Scorpion Warrior & Argon Cowboy, Sept 22nd @HM157 ~ Mabon Celebration 




MERLEWORLD! ( A Fun Pot luck Film Fundraiser for HM157* )




HM157 is also very thankful to you for all your support & encouragement.. together we create a very special artistic community here in the City of Angels* We are committed to becoming a sustainable non-profit organization & continue our brand of community service****


if you wish to donate to our cause.. Click this link :


Till Soon,

Love HM157***

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HM157 has a Live/Work space available now****


Community Creative Space HM157 Los Angeles
( Historical Monument 157 ) has a living space available in September ( Now* ) 2013
We are an artist's cooperative that is focused on making the world a better place through music, art & action. We encourage folks to embrace the art of self-sufficiency & use ecologically-minded practices as much as possible. Our living and working space consists of a large Victorian house & three mobile homes in back. We have a garden with many fruit trees & bio bins in front + a large paved back area set up for events, working & resident enjoyment. We have a huge projection wall & an indoor screen. One of the living spaces will be available Now for $600 + deposit, utilities included & super high speed Internet .
The ideal candidate would be someone willing to get involved in building our non-profit, a grant writer*, a community organizer type, a gardener passionate about Permaculture, a clothing designer that can sew & make patterns.. Interest & the ability to promote events & utilize social media & such a plus as well*
Please note that we have concerts and workshops, mostly on the weekends, at our space. We hope to find someone who'd like to be involved with these events and with our collective endeavors. At the moment, we are taking a break from event production whist fundraising, filing our nonprofit paperwork & building our non-profit .
Please do not apply if you are to busy to be a team player*
Please fill out this online form if you are a qualified applicant*
Email Address: [email protected]Web Address:

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Community creative space HM157 is now a private membership association****

Join the HM157 private membership association !

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