The EMTT Group is continuing their after summer school music & theater classes @ HM157***


The EMTT Group is excited to announce our summer program! We will be working on the basics, and fundamentals in every aspect in Singing, Acting, Dancing, and Stage Technology. The entire program will allow all of our students to start with the basics and move into intermediate courses. In the course of June 16 through July 25 we will be able to teach our students to properly run shows on their own with some parental supervision within the EMTT Group. At the end of the program, we are going to put on a summer Cabaret. which will showcase different musical numbers with acting scenes, and dance breaks to show the students achievements accomplished within the summer. The entirety of the show will be ran by the students and staff apart of the program. We open the creative minds of our students to allow them to use their imagination to entertain others.  

Singing - we will be going into depth of Vocal Technique which shows students the fundamental basics of how to properly use their voice when singing. 
Acting - will be teaching our students different techniques of being on a stage and how to properly portray multiple characters with multiple personalities.
Dancing - we will be offering basic dance styles in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, and Musical Theatre. 
Stage Technology -  is broken up into two sections, Lighting and Sound. In Lighting, we show the students how to properly use the lighting equipment that is provided by each venue. In sound, we will teach our students how to properly set up sound equipment, and how to adjust levels of sound depending on their acoustic surroundings.
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