Take Classes Through Barter with Trade School LA & HM157

This May, HM157 will be hosting some classes through community organization, Trade School LA. If you are interested in taking classes, or teaching classes, you should reach out to TSLA! 

Trade School is a non-traditional, open-to-everyone "school" which runs on barter instead of money. There are Trade Schools happening in over 50 cities throughout the world, but this will be LA's first. The motto is "Barter for Knowledge" and it will be a place for people to learn, a place for people to share their knowledge & skills, and a place to enrich peoples' sense of community and social exchange in LA. 

A full month of classes will run this May. Classes are typically 1.5 hours and will be held at a variety of locations throughout LA, including HM157! Class subject matter will cover a huge range of topics, from cooking to design, from fitness to music improv. Confused about how bartering for classes works? Check out this diagram to that shows classes and exchanges that have happened in other Trade Schools throughout the world.

We're very excited to host. For more information, you can go to the Trade School LA website at TradeSchool.coop/losangeles

You can also find them on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or through Email at [email protected] 

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