Lets spend some quality time together before HM157 goes on event hosting hiatus***


Good day all****

HM157 had such a splediferous summer with you ! 

As the air begins to cool... so does our feverish pace.. Thanksgiving is just around the corner... & we have much to be thankful for !

HM157 has joined the DIT ( Do It Together ) Community Creative Space Coalition, our collective aim is to legalize DIY spaces that share our passion for affording accessible artistic expression & skill sharing opportunities to folks of all ages... 

Check out our sister space the LA Fort & the DIT http://thelafort.net/

+ We are working with the wonderful Grassroots lawyers to become a non-profit & get legit... in order to make it happen, we have to switch gears into fundraising mode & take an event hosting hiatus.


That being said, please join us for our last few events of 2013... 



Variety Show Smörgåsbord!!! 






Drala, Scorpion Warrior & Argon Cowboy, Sept 22nd @HM157 ~ Mabon Celebration






MERLEWORLD! ( A Fun Pot luck Film Fundraiser for HM157* )




HM157 is also very thankful to you for all your support & encouragement.. together we create a very special artistic community here in the City of Angels* We are committed to becoming a sustainable non-profit organization & continue our brand of community service****


if you wish to donate to our cause.. Click this link :




Till Soon,

Love HM157***

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Lets spend some quality time together before HM157 goes on event hiatus*