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The FREE Thursday Night Craft Social @ HM157****
( A monthly Thursday, craft social happening )

"Craft Night is not only about crafting (or even about night time). Craft night is the time and the place to get things done, to collaborate skills, to share your projects and get encouraged and inspired. 

Think of all those moments during the week when you wondered...
-"Do any of my friends have a Bedazzler? Where can I find the time, place and tools to bedazzle my heart out?"
-"I really have to finish crocheting this sweater for my myopic kitten...but I'd like to get off my couch and talk to people. How?"
-"How can I get all my friends to act out this new play I wrote about the lifespan of plankton?"
-"Where can I finish my wallaby costume, paint a garden gnome, draw a map and learn a dance within the span of an hour?"

Well...friend...the answer to all these questions (and many more) is CRAFT NIGHT!

Bring a project you've been working on, or one you've been hoping to start. Bring something you haven't been able to finish, and see if someone can give you a spark to complete it. Bring a friend and come on down to Craft Night!"

6PM -11PM 
Free*** All Ages***
Bring projects & IPod***

Street parking is good,
Parking in laundromat next to HM157 is BAD.

3110 N. Broadway
Los Angeles ( Lincoln Heights )
Please RSVP @ events on

May 30, 2013 at 6:30pm - 11pm
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