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Yoga on the Eastside: Wellness Wednesdays with Ashley

‎”I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love.” ~ Gandhi


Join us Wednesday mornings at 10 for some mid-week mindfulness & community.  We will be offering mix-level yoga classes with instructor Ashley Quaine. Her classes are a combination of creative sequecing, focused breathwork, and joyful surrender.

About Ashley

Ashley is a certified Yoga instructor with over 17 years of teaching experience who has worked with all ages and abilities. She encourages her students to use their yoga practice to experience the truth of who they really are and to discover how to live joyfully and peacefully in every moment. 

Learn more about Ashley 

About the Yoga

The class will be primarily focusing on: 

  • Breathwork
  • Movement
  • Conscious Embodiment

Don't forget

  • Beginners are always welcome, and in fact, strongly encouraged to come!
  • Some mats available.
  • Wear comfortable clothing! 

Donations of any kind appreciated.

October 10, 2012 at 10am
3100 N Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90031
United States
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Ashley Quaine

Ashley answered HM157's call for a Community Yoga instructor almost immediately after we posted about it. We are very excited and grateful that she has decided to volunteer and help us foster a healthy community. We know her presence will bring a lot of positivity and joy to everyone!

Ashley Quaine teaches private and group classes throughout Los Angeles, workshops across the country, and is an instructor with Inner Power Yoga's teacher training program. She has written a manual for raising conscious children with yoga called "Conscious Child". She has a degree in Dance and Choreography from Bennington College and was certified in 1995 as a Yoga Instructor from the Center for Yoga in Los Angeles, Ashley brings a vast knowledge of breath, alignment and movement to all of her classes. She places emphasis on correct posture to activate the energetic body and cultivate a practice rooted in ecstatic alignment . Ashley’s classes are a combination of creative sequencing, focused breath work and joyful surrender. When she isn't dancing or practicing yoga Ashley plays the ukulele. 

  • Visit our Events page to see when the next yoga class will be.
  • Visit her website to learn more about her: AshleyQuaine.com

Send Ashley a message!

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Live VJ: The Mystery Machine

The Mystery Machine is a resident artist of HM157 whose passion is for the visual. Every performance is improvised from her vast library of content that includes her own After Effects compositions, found footage, and public domain film clips.

She believes that VJing is an important artistic force that she hopes will be considered a viable art form, just as much as painting, sculpture, or music.

Her goal is to bring the audience closer to the intent of the musician, dancer or performer that she accompanies, and to provide a thematic continuity between the seen and the heard. 

The Mystery Machine is available for hire for the following:

Custom Content
Post Production FX and Editing


She also welcomes collaboration with other artists who are interested in the synergy between sound and vision, especially those of the more experimental variety. 


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We Found a Community Yoga Instructor!

Update August 23: We have found a couple of people who have volunteered to help us with this, as well as a local studio who has donated yoga mats for us! We will begin our Yoga classes in September with Ashley Quaine. Please visit the "Events" page to find when the next one is! Thanks to everyone who got in touch with us!

HM157 is looking for a ball of shining light to provide community Yoga classes. We are specifically interested in Kundalini and Tantra but open to other possibilities. 

The main goal and vision is to create a Wellness Wednesday event for our community here in Lincoln Heights, run on donations and open to everyone. We think it would be a wonderful way to provide a service and hold space for possitive possibilties, and show people the benefits of having a regular yoga practice in their lives. 

If you are interested in contributing to our artist community here at HM157 and are passionate about helping others slow down, breathe, and connect to their inner self, please fill out our volunteer form here. Compensation will be in love, gratitude, and donations.

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New HM157 Website!

We've launched a new site using the NationBuilder platform, and are super excited. Expect great things to come as we build out all of the new pages.

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Historical Monument 157 Restoration Project

GOAL: $2,600.00

The residents at HM157 have started a drive to raise money to help restore the building. While we are actively looking and applying for Historical Monument grants, donations you provide can help us reach our goals faster. Below are estimates from contractors. This list is constantly being added to as new projects come up. We are also open to suggestions.

House Projects:
1. Establish Non-Profit status (will enable tax-deductible donations) - $2,000
2. Rebuild Deck on Front Porch
3. Address Structural Issues with front Balcony
4. Sand/Repaint house facade
Property Projects:
1. Plant Bamboo wall in backstage area (breakup cement) - $600

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